Message from the Chairman of the Board

In 2009, Marques, SA celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the entrepreneurial journey that fills us all with joy. It was a difficult, but rewarding journey.

To start with half a dozen employees in 1979 and, after three decades, reach 310 employees is proof of our "desire to win", motto of our company.

We take pride in sharing with all of you the satisfaction of Marques, SA having achieved, in late 2008, the Certification of its Quality and Safety Management System. In our opinion, a certified company is a company that is better prepared to face future challenges, always aiming for the customer's satisfaction, the reason of our existence.

The bet on the company's own website Marques SA to become even more well known globally, enabling interactivity with customers, suppliers and the general public.

The company's success is greatly due to the creativity and dynamism of the Directors, but also of all the employees, with their commitment, ability to work and team spirit,

contributing to the development of the Azores, overcoming the economic difficulties and surpassing the challenges of modernity and new technologies.

With everyone's cooperation we will continue to win.

Primitivo Marques